Welcome to Mythic Threads.

Objects tell stories.  Everyday we interact with seemingly inanimate objects and miss the bigger story they weave throughout our destiny. If we would only … Pause. Notice. Listen.
I invite you to think differently about your environment and all of the objects you surround yourself with each day. Like the process of weaving—inspiration and ordered thought made visible—the loom of our lives is interlaced with cross-cultural mythological and ancestral musings. The Greek Fates, Ariadne’s labyrinth, the Egyptian goddess Neith, the Hindu “thread-spirit” doctrine.
Explore a world of sacred chroma and touch the exotic, dreamy … as well as the mundane and ordinary. You’ll discover both the familiar and extraordinary are equally divine.
In this interactive guide to sacred objects and textiles I’ve gathered over the past 25 years, you’ll find rich stories, opportunities for sacred shopping (yes, you CAN bring the Gods home) and collective images worthy of archival significance.